Dina Aseeva is a Russian artist who currently lives and works in Turkey.
Formal education: Voronezh Art School, Stroganov Art Academy.
Participated in workshops of: Alvaro Castagnet, Endré Penovac, Alexander Votsmush, Konstantin Sterkhov.
Participated in local and international exhibitions. The artworks are presented in private collections and galleries in Russia, Europe, USA and South America.


"When did you start to paint?", a friend asked me. "Well, I always painted. As long as I can remember myself, I always did".

My mother bought me watercolours when I was 2 years old, she never drew or painted herself, but my father did. He could create a portrait in few minutes with anything from paint to pencil to highlighters, but he never formally learnt art. If the parents wanted me to remain calm for a long time, they only had to provide me with watercolours and paper, I would spend all day long painting away. I am grown up now, but some things never change.

I was very lucky with my teachers. I learned a lot from my teacher at school, then at the Art School and Stroganov Academy. I took a lot of private lessons from great masters. I participated in workshops of famous watercolourists Alvaro Castagnet, Endré Penovac, Alexander Votsmush, Konstantin Sterkhov, Milind Mulink. My motto was: "Learn from the best", so I always did. In fact I still continue doing so.

What is painting for me? Energy. Emotion. Impression. When I paint, I capture the moment, entering a different perception of time and space. I try to convey what I feel when I see something rather to show what it is. In the century when everybody has a smartphone with a digital camera, I don’t care for showing you a photocopy, I care for something your camera will never recapture.

I love travelling, and I sketch during my trips a lot. Funny thing: when I open my sketchbook, I feel exactly what I felt the moment I was drawing, I immediately find myself breathing that air and seeing those colours. That’s a fantastic feeling.

I invite you to my world. To the bright world of colours and emotions. I will be happy if you love it.